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In some cases, as well as the HSDPA mobile phone N7010, you must manually associate the form of USB-serial conversion device. For example, in the case above we used the command

modprobe usbserial vendor = 0x6000 product = 0x05C6

To automate the loading of kernel module at boot time simply enter the command modprobe mentioned above, within the script Pre Boot using the section [Setup] [Startup / Cron] Zeroshell web interface. If you do not know a priori the values to be assigned to the vendor and product parameters, simply type the dmesg command a few seconds after you connected the modem to the system. These parameters will be displayed by dmesg as idVendor and idProduct

use dmesg to show idVendor and idProduct
Preboot in [Setup] [Startup / Cron] insert (enable this section)
modprobe usbserial vendor = product idVendor = idProduct

Now, if kernel support device, you must find 3g modem