Re: Update


Well…thanks to ppalias…I have sucessfully configured the ZS devices, bonded and got it all running.

Here’s the interesting part:

We have setup 4 routers, the first pair with back to back T1 (1.5mps up and down)…and addressed accordingly.

The second pair…same thing…different addressing schemes.

The zero shell boxes (each with 2 wan connections) are on either side of these routers….so effectively, the routers are simulating 2 internet connections.

If I take the ZS out, and copy 100 MB of small files from 1 side to the other, over 1 set of routers…I get around 1.4 mb constant throughput till done. When I put the ZS in, setup a vpn between the 2 ZS boxes, it transfers, but I see only 800K of usage on the routers.

I setup another VPN over the 2nd set of routers,
When I bond the two together…I get about 400-500K of usage over each connection. Overall Better…but nowhere near what the routers themselves can do.

What am I missing here?