@mark_orion wrote:

We are using a similar setup here. ZS and Virtualbox are fairly easy to install. Here is what I suggest:
– Ceate a VM for Zeroshell with the ISO file as virtual CD/DVD and as bootdrive
– Add a small (200Mb) or less virtual harddisk to the VM. This you can use to store your profile.
– Add the two virtual network adapters. For each adapter you choose “Attach to – Bridged Adapter” and in the “Name” dropdown you choose the NIC on your host system that you want to connect to the virtual NIC.
– Boot and configure ZS as you like.

enjoy, Mark

Please, could you explain me how to set VLAN on the ETH00 and ETH01 interfaces ? I have migrated the physical zeroshell from my server to virtualbox. Now I’d like to set flags in its interfaces.