Re: Well, it seems my quest for wifi n is over

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to be honest, with openwrt on my wnr854t, my wifi n is quite fast, but I’d rather prefer not to have my wifi on an access point.

Anyways. I tried openwrt. I figured the first try it didn’t work after installing all the packages I thought it needed. Then I figured I’d install all the packages that were different from the x86 package (btw use physdiskwrite to install openwrt from the .img.gz file to hd, it doesn’t ask for anything other than the image, and it booted right away). It showed a wireless adapter, but I never saw a signal from it, and worse, it never gave me an encryption method different than WEP, which led me to believe it wasn’t working.

Fuck. Why the hell is wifi n so hard on linux routers? I mean, it’s possible, why can’t i get it on an x86 environment?