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I’ve only played with VMware Player on the desktop, but I’ve run ZS on it as part of my template testing.

I just deployed my template to a VMware Player 5.0.2 build, and used a Bridged (Automatic) NIC. It emulates an Intel E1000, which is supported in the 3.3.2 kernel. I have DHCP on my physical LAN so I changed the IP config in ZS to use dynamic IP and it worked. Even the VMware Tools hack works.

ZS defaults to a static IPv4 address on its first interface of and no gateway. If you’re using NAT on your VMware Workstation host, make sure DHCP is working for VMs and if it is, enable dynamic IP using the IP Manager from the ZS VGA console. If you’re using a bridged NIC, either change the static IP settings or enable dynamic IP if you have a DHCP server on your LAN.