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first you are fine foe doing those things on windows 🙂

i downloaded the beta4 gz file and extracted the img file from it using winrar.
the extracted file is an img file that i couldn’t find a software that can show what inside the file.
the file size is 512MB on disk.
then i downloaded from here the physdiskwrite software.
I used the cf image on HD and not on a CF card and it’s working fine.
to write the image on HD the command is “physdiskwrite %image name%”
then you need to choose the output HD from 0 to what ever number of drives you have.
notice carefully what drive you choose cause that will erase the whole drive.
after choosing the right driver you are asked to confirm your choice with a y or n.
it will take a while to write the image!

put the HD on the PRIMARY MASTER connection (NO SATA AND OTHER STUFF) in the computer you want to be the server.
and it will boot from the drive.