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    We’ve been using ZS for almost a year now and have recently noticed 2 issues…

    1) On the Captive Portal screen only the IP address is displayed – both the Username & MAC address fields are blank. Could this be becuase we recently went over 300 user names? (most of these are now expired and a few have been deleted)

    2) Users are able to connect to internet over wifi but the login box on their device shows username ‘NOT CONNECTED’.

    Are these related?

    We are using 1.0.beta16 – will the new version corrct these issues?

    Also I get another error when I add a new user. The status is ‘unable to load certificate’ and under the row that shows the ‘generate’, ‘Renew’, Export’ buttons and above the list of users is the word ‘ERROR’.

    Can you help please – really happy with Zeroshell and think you’ve done a fantastic job.


    On my opinion you have a disk full on the profile partition.


    Thanks Fulvio

    You may be right – I deleted a few old logs and things seemed better but disk isn’t full – only 57%. Will do more investigation and report back here.


    Done some investigation….yes definitely seems to be disk space that’s the issue as when I remove logs from the LOG directory things are ok again.

    However what seems to be munching disk space is the /Database/var/register/system/acct/entries directory

    So question for now is – Is it safe to just archive old data from here?


    OK – All resolved.

    Problem was my profile partition was full as Fulvio suspected.

    In hindsight the original partition was too small and therefore kept filling up…

    Solution: Create new larger partition; copy profile there; activate on new partition….Bob’s yer uncle.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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