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    First i would like to thank Fulvio Ricciardi and everyone else that was involed in the devlopment of ZS

    Also I would like to thank everyone who posted on the forum who’s valuable knowledege helped me set up my ZS server

    I have Configured the server as a transperant proxy, Router, Gateway, dhcp server, firewall, captive portal and qos

    I have it working brilliantly in testing but that is with only 5-10 users, i am hoping to install it into a 250 user environment

    Am i asking to much of one server spec as follows

    Quad Core 2.2ghz amd opteron
    2gb pc6400 ram
    160gb sata hard drive

    Should i consider segementing the services into to seperate servers

    I would really appreciate everybodys opinion as i hope to provide the best possible system for this project

    I feel there would be a massive amount http traffic on this network and possible max users at some times of the day

    If you require any more information please ask


    Hi have installed the system in the 250 user environment and it is preforming very good.

    I haven’t set up the users on the captive portal yet so its not running at the moment hopefully it won’t affect performance to much will let ye know the results

    I installed the dansguardian update to the proxy, i find when the proxy is running there is a very noticeable differnce in web browing speed its a lot slower when enabled can anyone suggest any setting they have used to increase the performance of the proxy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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