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    Michael Cyr

    Thanks for Zeroshell! Love having the capability of an enterprise router for my home network!

    This is just a report of my experience upgrading from 3.8.2 to 3.9.0. I am back to 3.8.2 and happy.

    1. The upgrade went smoothly and reboot was accomplished without issue.
    2. I didn’t notice any problems right away but a few hours later started getting failures trying to reach common websites such as http://www.cnn.com. Received errors such as “server took too long to respond” and “connection refused”.
    3. I found that using the https side of the same sites TENDED to work, e.g., https://www.cnn.com
    4. I didn’t think it could be a DNS issue but I set my client to (google DNS) with the same result
    5. I don’t have ANY firewall rules in ZS
    6. I am doing QOS. I did not try turning off QOS.
    7. I verified that the problem was caused by my ZS router by connecting a laptop directly to my DSL modem and was able to reach the same sites.
    8. I also checked that my laptop and other computers do not have any proxy settings.


    Luca B

    I had the same http with 3.9 ZS release as reported by Michael and I had to revert beck to 3.8.2. So far I have not found the culprit so still using 3.8 rel. but unable to upgrade again.
    Any idea/suggestion is more than welcome


    Having the same problem. Random pages fail to load but reload on a refresh.

    Michael Cyr

    ok.. i’ve got an idea about this Were either of you folks using Squid? I am.. Going to play with removing it.

    Luca B

    Thx for your feednack Michael. However I’m not using Squid (pkg 40200) – never installed….

    Michael Cyr

    My issue with 3.9.0 was resolved by turning off the transparent proxy and virus checking in “Http proxy”. Yes I was also using squid but I think the problem is with the proxy itself. Since the proxy AV only examines http, and cannot examine https, I think it’s of limited use these days anyway. So much is https.


    can anyone also check https://www.7-zip.org ?
    I have failures to open site from behind ZS 3.9 and ZS 3.7.1
    no proxy and no virus checking enabled, etc
    DNS are also google ones.

    Michael Cyr

    I’m on 3.9.0, using google DNS, and get there no problem.

    Check that your IP is not blacklisted

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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