3 hours stuck at install screen, please advise :)

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    Thanks for this great distro, I fell in love with it at the screenshots menu of the WebGUI, I saw the QoS options in there and I began to drool, figuratively.

    I decided to recycle old P3 750Mhz, 512mb RAM machine, booted off the ZS CD, at the setup menu, no errors (after a link failure for an hour), 2 NIC, 1 was faulty before.

    Now I… can’t go to https://192.168.0… whatever the default is, but I changed my Router, disabled DHCP, changed ZS to my routers IP,, changed router to 101 so I wouldn’t have to change some machines that are set to manual from many years ago…

    Still can’t access (with or without https://) or the default, even after changing my machines NIC to the same gateway, so tired now, looking through docs and videos where people set up a VM and it’s done in like 3 minutes lol

    I saw also somewhere that you need to bridge 2 NIC for QoS, is this right? You need 3 NIC on the ZS for this to run correctly using the QoS features?

    ALl the NIC are Realtek, the Router is a Level One (Without QoS management, no firmware update for this either).

    Any ideas where or why I’m having issues?

    I haven’t put in the 3 NIC at once, max in there were 2 NIC, do I maybe need to bridge them first or is that just a later step in the WebUI when/if I use the QoS?

    I will have a go at this again when everyone is asleep and after I get some shut eye myself.

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