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    Carlo Guasco

    I Use Zeroshell since version 1.3. now I have a 3.9.1
    As a backup I have always used a 3G T100 modem with LAN output and
    I recently added a 4G USB modem (Qualcomm 4G LTE Modem) to replace the T100 (3G).
    The problem now is that at 02:00 it disconnects from the network and reconnects at 07:00
    The time zone doesn’t matter.
    There is a keep alive script that ping 3 different IPs every hour and active failover.
    Nothing to do, every day at 02:00 to disconnect and at 07:00 to reconnect.
    I have not found options for energy saving, neither in Zeroshell nor on the Modem.
    The provider says the problem is not on their part (obvious),
    and the line: <Terminating on signal 15> makes me think of Zeroshell,
    but no reboot occurs at 02:00 (no notification from monitor)
    I am perplexed about what happens at minute 00:02:35,
    it seems that it reconnects, but no data is passing through …
    In fact at 00:07:18 it says received 0 bytes
    Thanks for any ideas or advice!
    The Log of a typical day follows:

    Uso Zeroshell fino dalla versione 1.3. ora ho un 3.9.1
    Come backup ho sempre usato un modem 3G T100 con uscita LAN e
    recentemente ho aggiunto un modem USB 4G (Qualcomm 4G LTE Modem) in sostituzione del T100 (3G).
    Il problema ora è che alle 02:00 si disconnette dalla rete e si riconnette alle 07:00
    Non importa il fuso orario.
    C’è uno script keep alive che fa un ping su 3 IP diversi ogni ora e il failover attivo.
    Niente, ogni giorno alle 02:00 disconnettersi e alle 07:00 riconnettersi.
    Non ho trovato opzioni per il risparmio energetico, né in Zeroshell né sul Modem.
    Il provider dice che il problema non è da parte loro (ovvio),
    e la linea <Terminating on signal 15> mi fa pensare a Zeroshell.
    ma non avviene nessun reboot (signal 15) alle 02:00 (nessuna notifica dal monitor)
    Sono perplesso su quanto avviene al minuto 00:02:35,
    pare che si riconnetta, ma non transitano dati…
    Infatti alle 00:07:18 dice received 0 bytes
    Grazie per ogni idea o consiglio.
    Segue il Log di una giornata tipo:

    00:02:20 Terminating on signal 15
    00:02:20 Connect time 1021.6 minutes.
    00:02:20 Sent 27663742 bytes, received 33147632 bytes.
    00:02:20 Connection terminated.
    00:02:20 Exit.
    00:02:22 pppd 2.4.7 started by root, uid 0
    00:02:23 Connect script failed
    00:02:24 Exit.
    00:02:32 pppd 2.4.7 started by root, uid 0
    00:02:34 Serial connection established.
    00:02:34 Using interface ppp1
    00:02:34 Connect: ppp1 <–> /dev/ttyUSB0
    00:02:35 Could not determine remote IP address: defaulting to
    00:02:35 local IP address
    00:02:35 remote IP address
    07:00:18 LCP terminated by peer
    07:00:18 Connect time 417.8 minutes.
    07:00:18 Sent 201561 bytes, received 0 bytes.
    07:00:19 Hangup (SIGHUP)
    07:00:19 Modem hangup
    07:00:19 Connection terminated.
    07:00:20 Exit.
    07:00:28 pppd 2.4.7 started by root, uid 0
    07:00:29 Connect script failed
    07:00:30 Exit.
    07:00:38 pppd 2.4.7 started by root, uid 0
    07:00:39 Connect script failed
    07:00:40 Exit.
    07:00:48 pppd 2.4.7 started by root, uid 0
    07:00:50 Serial connection established.
    07:00:50 Using interface ppp1
    07:00:50 Connect: ppp1 <–> /dev/ttyUSB0
    07:00:51 Could not determine remote IP address: defaulting to
    07:00:51 local IP address
    07:00:51 remote IP address

    Carlo Guasco

    Nessuno sa nulla di malfunzioni notturne ???????

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