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    i’d like to propose to create a unified space where we can find all the documentation about this proyect, and we (the users) can contribute…

    Sure we have this wonderfull forum, but all the right answers are lying around and some times is hard to find them.

    I’ve seen the effort for doing this:


    but nothing formal… i can understand that Fulvio Ricciardi can’t do everything, we can help him… but we need some guide.

    So please Fulvio give us a wiki!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    +1 vote for unified wiki πŸ™‚


    So much knowledge out there locked up in ppl’s heads, and no easy way to share it.
    An official wiki would make it easy to gather the collective knowledge into one spot. Doesn’t have to be fancy, I’ve deployed a few wicki’s in the past and they’re really not hard.

    In fact, if Fulvio could just install the basic server-side components to the host of zeroshell.net, enable authenticated full access and appoint a few good men to do all the setup/config…

    It means all Fulvio has to do it untar a few files, edit a cfg or two and let the community do the rest!

    Site admins are often scared by wiki’s and the ‘everyone-is-author’ nature but srsly the members make it self-managed..

    Hope this is considered – Fulvio, just install a basic wiki and let us do the rest πŸ™‚


    If there isn’t already a Wiki out there for ZS documentation, I can give it a shot. I’m in the middle of a server upgrade and have some space I can dedicate to a VM running a Wikimedia-based site. Even if said site would run IIS 8 and a Wiki package from the IIS platform site.

    What if, after launching it, I give the top five or so most productive forum users plus Fulvio admin access to it?

    The only thing I’d ask is that documentation be written from a Linux n00b viewpoint; a lot of ZS users are just folks who know how to set up a Linksys router but not much else. The attitude I see from the DD-WRT people is something I want to avoid.


    OK, here’s another attempt. And free speech advocates wonder why stuff gets locked down.

    I still need to re-create the administrator accounts for the six people originally set up, but at least the Wiki is back.

    That didn’t take long. Two days ago (13 APR) the new Wiki got infested with a few thousand spammer accounts. It’s nice to know the server can handle the traffic, but it still looks like I’ll have to restart this from scratch.

    I’ll need to set up some kind of verification system for new users. Like having messages sent to here for the admins to verify. Any ideas?


    Alternately, https://zswiki.pan-am.ca/ if you trust my root CA at http://www.pan-am.ca/pan-am.ca.crt

    I built this server last weekend and installed the latest MediaWiki for IIS. You must be a registered user to make edits, and please consider using your ZS Forum username as your Wiki username.

    I already made Fulvio and five other active users Wiki admins. Please be gentle with this server, as it’s a virtual machine running on a glorified laptop (HP Microserver N40L). If anyone knows how to optimize MySQL on Windows, please PM me and I can let you onto the server’s console. It’s a stand-alone server, not part of pan-am.ca AD, so I don’t mind making an extra Windows admin or two.

    I could especially use help with e-mail from here. I could put SMTP on here and make it an outbound mail only service, if it came to that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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