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    I have a CISCO router where I created a VLAN for the Access Point service.
    I now have one Ethernet port available to manage this service.

    I have to understand what to utilize for providing people Wi-Fi Internet connection to allow them to browse the Internet and chech e-mail.

    First I was thinking of using a product like the Zyxel Hotspot Gateway ( ) but do not want to spend over $700 for this.

    I noticed that ZeroShell could be the perfect solution.
    I was planning on utilizing one of my old PC, purchase a compatible Network Interface for Wi-Fi and install ZeroShell.

    I have though few questions I wish to ask.

    1) Is it OK from the Hardware standpoint getting, even for testing to see if it works, my old PC, purchase a compatible Network Interface for Wi-Fi and install ZeroShell?
    2) How would I manage issuing of UserID and Passwrod and their management?
    3) When they connect to the Internet they should only get a webpage where they must enter a valid UserName and Password.

    Can someone who perhaps has already done it please advice me?

    Thank you so much,


    1) Yes you can try it. Most ethernet cards will work. Regarding wireless cards look for cards supported by Madwifi driver, e.g Atheros.
    2) As far as I know you create users on the ZS itself or enable AAA on a remote radius.
    3) This is called captive portal, search the forum and ZS site for its capabilities.



    The projerct involves wireless connection (Wi-fi) and cabled connection to the Internet.

    What if I would place where I need wireless connection an Access Point device, something like this:
    – Linksys Access Point ( )

    Cabled Ethernet plugs instead directly to a switch.

    The I have a PC with two NICs and ZeroShell installed..

    I will then redirect all ports to this PC and have ZeroShell Manage all.

    Could it work this way?



    Yes it sounds as a viable setup. ZS can handle both the wired and wireless clients even with the Access Point that you suggest.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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