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    I apologize if this question has already been, i have searched on forum, but not found.

    Tell me please how to solve this problem:
    I created the “Accounting Class and set the limit “LIMITS Traffic (MBytes)”, and indicated the number 6000 MBytes. (Made that the quantity of traffic 6000 MBytes user per month). If the user has spent all the traffic and a new month began, I should:

    1)delete the information about the user (in the section “Accounting”, select “Username” and click “Remove” (the information about time sessions selected user will be erased
    2)Create a new “Accounting Class” and set it to the limit is not 6000 MBytes, and such 12000 MBytes.

    There are no other ways? Right?
    Way 2 does not suit me, so I need to do as in way 1. But, at the same time I need to save information about the user session.

    I think, that i can export the data and store them on another server, but then the question arises:
    How to export the data that is displayed in the section “Accounting”, if you select “Username” and click “Details”.

    There the data contained in the table, which as I understand is stored in the database. Where this database is located? How to export these data, for example in the txt file?

    Thanks to all


    Concerning the export did you had a look at this:

    I am not sure if it still works with the current release.

    I have a problem with the current release. In the accounting panel I have entries for the user and for the used MAC address (as User-Id). Therefore I can not decide which is the right entry to use. In my case it seems to be a combination of both.

    Do you also have 2 entries for one logged in user?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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