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    Is there a way to tell Zeroshell to properly shut down on an acpi-powerbutton event ?
    I am running it on a VirtualBox VM and sending an ACPI event would be the best way to do a clean shutdown from the hosts commandline.
    I notice a “without ACPI” option on the bootloader, but it seems to me that Zeroshell actually does not do anything with ACPI and I cannot find any acpid.


    I was hoping for ACPI functionality as well. I am worried about FS corruption of /Database during dirty shutdown. I am running ZS on an ALIX board, and on an old IBM PIII Coppermine. In both situations, to shut it down, i basically pull the plug.

    I know i can go into the HTTPS Web Interface and click on “Shutdown”, but most of the times i forget. Besides, the other users of the system don’t have access to the HTTPS Web Interface, and it would be foolish for me to expect them to learn how to login just to shutdown. I configured their ZS as a 3G router, (they have a time limited data plan on the SIM card). As soon as they turn the machine on, ZS connects, and they turn it off to disconnect, just as they would a regular stock modem/router. If acpid would catch the power button, ZS could cleanly shut down each time.

    So i guess i have these questions:

    1. Is it dangerous to pull the plug on a ZS installation? What if ZS is writing logs, updating AV db, or otherwise writing on the filesystem? Will fsck always take care of eventual problems at next reboot because it’s an ext3 partition?

    2. How do all of you out there shut down your ZS installation?

    3. Does it make sense for me to work on this, or is there a better solution to the problem?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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