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    If you get an activation code to unlock the remaining features of zeroshell, is that stored in the database/profile?

    more importantly, if i get the activation key, and then I move my current zeroshell out of vmware and onto a net5501 , will i need to get the key again?


    Activation keys are tied to the MAC address(es) for the interface(s) for which you acquired the keys.

    Since your VM machine and your net5501 have the different MAC addresses you will have an issue. I’m not a VM guru but if you can set the VM machine’s interfaces to the MAC addresses on the net5501 then I guess you could use the same keys. But you would have to have the net5501 in hand to get the values from it.

    The keys are stored in the database and are persistent across reboot/power cycle events.


    okay by mac address, makes sense…. you are right, it is possible to specify the mac for the virtual nic in VM, but as you have anticipated, my units are still in transit. I’ll just wait till i have them to avoid wasting everyones time re-keying.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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