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    I’m a newbie and have searched the site and forums but didn’t see this mentioned anywhere, so my apologies if this was already answered somewhere.

    I’m building out a network that uses a few different ZS instances on R Pi3 boxes. Since I have a small handful of these deployed, occasionally I get myself mixed up about which device I am talking to. I noted that there really is no identifying information for the ZS instance you are connecting to, other than the IP address or looking carefully at the configuration. The impression I get is that ZS was envisioned to have only one instance running on a given network so labeling different instances wasn’t an issue. But for those running multiple instances it can get confusing quickly, especially in the wee hours after a 18 hour shift.

    So my small feature request is this: Can a free text field for a custom ‘device name’ or ‘device label’ be added to the web login screen and to the header on the GUI pages? Even the hostname would be helpful (or both!), but just something where the user can name their ZS devices something useful that is persistent and easy to reference while working on them (e.g. 3G Bridge, RADIUS Server, Shop manager, etc). Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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