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    First off, thanks for reading this question. Second, I’ve searched already and cant find the answer but feel free to point me there if it has been asked/answered already.

    I have setup ZS and love it. My default realm when I set it up was ABC.NET (local). I wanted to become a VPN endpoint, but, for extra security I wanted to create the VPN users in a second Kerberos realm. I added the second realm easily enough (DEF.NET, local), but everytime I try to add a user with the format “Some1@DEF.NET”, it throws an error of “ERROR: No such entry in the database while randomizing key for “Some1@DEF.NET”.” The entry still shows up in the list though.

    What does this error mean? What am I doing wrong? Are multiple local realms even supported?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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