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    Welp, I got my compact flash finally installed using a Live CD to do the dd command.

    What I did was gunzip (zeroshell.img.gz)
    Then dd /dev/sdd1
    Spent awhile copying over, took about 3114 seconds I believe it was but it copied the full 1GB image.

    What I am getting now during boot, GRUB Error 17.

    I know people have said it’s because you don’t have it set to primary HD, but there is no option to do so since there is only 1 CF slot. Can someone point me in the right direction?


    It isn’t possible (yet, don’t know if Fulvio is going to make this), as the version is provided in a USB/CD media format.

    If it’s all correct you’re database is saved on a IDE hard disk. This database will stay there like it is. When booting up with a new version, it will automatically load the config out of the database.

    No things will change about that.

    Hope to have answered your questions.

    , keep up the good work. It’s a damn nice project!


    Well currently I am running off of a USB Disc and not saving anything to an IDE Disc. When I get my new Zeroshell PC built it will be on Compact Flash. I have backed up the Database to my Network PC already, can I just restore that database onto the Compact Flash even though it was originally from a USB Disc and having that Database go from Beta9 to Beta10 without any problems?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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