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    We’ve implemented a mod/addon/whatever you call it for ZeroShell 1.0 beta 11 that adds support for MLPPP bonding (PPPoE bonding typically used with ADSL lines on supporting ISPs).

    In the same vein as our Tomato/MLPPP mod for WRT54G and compatible routers, ZeroShell/MLPPP handles all the connection management of getting all the lines connected to the same endpoint (since one ISP might have many ERX or LNS boxes and you need to have all DSL lines on the same one for bonding), and handles line failures, all that sort of stuff.

    Info/instructions can be found in this DSLR thread:

    Downloads can be found here:

    This mod is specific to ZeroShell 1.0 beta 11, and has been tested on the Alix 2c3 board.

    EDIT: Just to clarify, this is an alpha. So it’s not feature-complete, and it’s most certainly not bug-free.


    I’ve been using Tomato for quite awhile and am wondering if or when ZeroShell will add Bandwidth Monitoring, as many ISPs are now capping users with EXPENSIVE overages. I like the graphs in Tomato THE BEST, dd-wrt & openwrt was OK.

    Perhaps you can extend it by offerring multiple days of graphs, I really like the monthly totals also.

    Tried another firewall, multi-wan firewall–pfSense which does not do so well at monitoring bandwidth, even the bandwithD plugin do not support multi-wan monitoring.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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