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    I just spent some time looking to add support for LEDs on APU2C. http://pcengines.ch/apu2c4.htm
    Basically I needed to compile the kernel module and a small daemon supplied by pcengines http://pcengines.ch/howto.htm#gpio
    You need first to create a dev environment, preferably on virtual box.
    For those who trust me enough I am offering the module and the daemon for download here:
    Just make sure you download the right version.

    How to make it work. SSH into ZH
    First create some structure, download and unpack.

    mkdir -p /DB/opt/apu2led
    cd /DB/opt/apu2led
    wget http://jb68.com/pkg/apu2led-ZH-4.4.9.tar.gz
    tar -xzvf apu2led-ZH-4.4.9.tar.gz

    Now we should insert the new module and test it with heartbeat

    insmod /DB/opt/apu2led/leds-apu2.ko
    lsmod |grep led #this should display our module
    modprobe ledtrig_default_on
    modprobe ledtrig_heartbeat

    If after this we get the first led blicking we can make the install definitive.
    On ZH web interface go on scripts and on preboot script add:


    # LED Module
    /sbin/insmod /DB/opt/apu2led/leds-apu2.ko

    # heartbeat
    /sbin/modprobe ledtrig_default_on
    /sbin/modprobe ledtrig_heartbeat

    echo heartbeat > /sys/class/leds/apu2:1/trigger

    Enable and save then go on postboot script and add some actions for the other 2 LEDs to display activity on VPN and Wireless networks:

    # Startup Script

    # map led1 -> no; led2->no; led3->activity for WLAN
    /DB/opt/apu2led/apu2led WLAN00 -c nna -f &

    # map led1 -> no; led2->activity for VPN; led3->no
    /DB/opt/apu2led/apu2led VPN99 -c nan -f &

    Enable, save then reboot and enjoy.
    You may change LEDs activity to fit your needs.



    thanks for providing the binaries, would it be possible that you share your development VM, too? I’m interrested in compiling a newer openssl version for aes-ni support.


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