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    Dear Mr. Fulvio …

    I dont know if this a bug or not
    Im not capable to say that, since im just reguler user

    I have activate captive portal on routed mode, with et0 as lan and eth1 as wan

    I tested captive portal pop up works on firefox 3.52 [or new], i mean when i close [x] the pop up, it will require authentication again. This is CP what for.

    But when i used firefox 2.x, when i close [x] pop up, its not require authentication again, connection still establish, until i disconnect from zeroshell itself.

    It seem not perform well to in opera browser, but i need to test again just to make sure.
    Unfortunately not to test with ie, sorry for that, but i have to test with ie too.

    Do i missing something …
    Thanks for response.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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