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    I’m testing ZeroShell, my boss asked me to set up a wifi captive
    portal for …. next monday.

    Zero Shell distribution seems very good, but I’ve got the
    following problem : I’d like to authenticate users of the captive
    portal against a local kerberos realm, But I can’t do that (in the
    Captive Portal section, I removed the EXAMPLE.COM realm, but when I
    try to add another realm , if I choose “Local Kerberos 5 Realm”, the
    domain named is automatically filled with EXAMPLE.COM, and I can’t
    type my own realm, although I created it in Security>Kerberos
    5>Realms) …

    Is there a way I can set up zeroshell as a Captive Portal, with a local realm named for example LOCALWIFI and not EXAMPLE.COM ??

    Thank you very much if you can find time to answer me !!




    I think you can… EXAMPLE.COM is only the example domain that comes in the live CD, you can change that if you install a new database onto a pen/disk drive…


    Obviously, off course EXAMPLE.COM is an example domain. But as said above, when I want to setup a LOCAL realm, I can’t edit the textbox content, it’s automatically filled up with EXAMPLE.COM, even if I deleted this realm !


    Rochajoel was kind enough to explain to you that what you need to do is create a new database and this will give you a new realm. This would require you either install Zeroshell to a HD, USB Drive or to a Compact Flash card. What device are you using to run Zeroshell?

    Read the FAQ on storage configuration and devices

    If you do have a storage device and need a tutorial for creating a database, then just read the first 6 pages of the below tutorial.

    Good luck.


    Thanks for your answers OnHel and RochaJoel,

    And excuse me RochaJoel if you found my answer rude, it was absolutely not my purpose.

    Well, I run ZeroShell on a vmware virtual machine (with the vmware package).

    I’ll study this PDF !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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