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    I am lost….

    I am trying to authenticate using the Radius Server from Zeroshell.
    I configured my Bridged Access Point and it is working fine except I cannot Authenticate with the Radius Server.

    ZEROSHELL: In the “RADIUS AUTHORIZED CLIENTS” window I entered the “Client Name” the IP address of the PicoStation and the “Shared Secret”.

    PICOSTATION Access Point: Security – WPA Enterprise
    IP Address – (example)
    Port – 1812
    RADIUS Server 1 – “Shared Secret”

    When I connect to the SSID it drings up the Authentication window. I enter my UserID and Password, but the Zeroshell Log keeps reporting “Login incorrect:”.

    What am I doing wrong, Please Help?????[/img]


    With which device are you trying the authentication on ZS’s radius server ?


    Yes; I am trying to authenticate of. Zeroshell.


    Maybe I have not been so clear, sorry, 😉
    From which device are you trying to connect/authenticate ? Win, *nix, android, ios ….


    I am trying to use the Zeroshell radius server to authenticate through the Ubiquiti Access Point.

    The Zeroshell Logs shows me that I am reaching the server and attempting to Authenticate, but I keep reporting the message “Login incorrect:” and it shows My ZS User Name and the credential attempting to authenticate.


    Lets make it simple… three devices, ZS (the authentication server), the pico (the authenticator) , your own device (the supplicant) ….. what kind of devices is, in this stack, your own device ? A windows pc, android cell/tab, iphone/ipad …


    The Simple Answer is that it is its own device.
    It is a POE Access Point that is connected to ZS via a Ethernet Cable.
    I gave is a Static address.

    I am unable to find the LOG that shows if it is Authenticating. It you can direct me on where and hot to find that log I will be able to correctly answer question.


    If you get the message ‘login failed’ from radius’s log, I suspect a misconfiguration in the client settings (while instead seems correct the config. in the pico and in ZS) , but is needed to know what kind of device is the client … a windows pc ? an android cell/tab ? an ios device, like iphone/ipad ?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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