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    The other day, I have installed zeroshell beta13 on a 4gb usb drive, on a dell inspiron 910 netbook. I wanted to use it as access point (for connecting to AP as a client, then give internet access through ethernet port), with ALFA AWUS036h wireless NIC (chipset realtek rtl8187L). After many tries, i managed to compile and install drivers.

    Now, here is the problem: I have the interface listed at “iwconfig”, as well as “ifconfig”, but it does not appear in web interface.

    Also, I can’t control txpower of the 8187L, but I suppose it’s likely related to driver issues more than the zeroshell system itself.

    Have anyone tried something similar? Finally I managed to connect through the WLAN, but with a very unstable connection (drops randomly, very much packet losses, etc)
    There are any way to make zeroshell web interface see “wlan0”?



    I have same problem….


    I have been considering the possibility of creating a self-installable module for the driver, but before that, i would know more information about how the web-interface works, since as i got managed to install and run the driver, it still can’t be configured via web-interface. If someone could give any useful info, it would be very helpful for everyone. Thanks!

    Sorry for my bad english, i’m spanish T_T xDD

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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