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    Hi guys, once again i would like to congratulate you for developing such system which is extremely innovative. however i have a suggestion or idea that i would like to share with you if at all it hasn’t been implemented.

    This is my scenario: I would like my wifi users to be able to get user names and passwords sent to them after they have been automatically generated by Zeroshell. These usernames and passwords (tickets) should be in the captive portals database and each one of them must be having a description for example,
    (Username: Nick, Password: nick101500 which is valid for 1 week, would be activated once it has been logged in for the first time and end 1 week after activation.)
    Any assistance you provide will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    This sounds similar to what I was looking for. I’m surprised it doesn’t exisit in zeroshell. I wonder if anyone is working on it?


    I had develop a JAVA interface for this utilisation


    An other Solution could be the ssh user admin menu…


    That link seems dead now. Have you got another link to that page ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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