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    I know its not the best plan but we have two companies in our building sharing a 20mb leased line connection. One company are using a router (which I have set a bandwidth limit to 5mb) and the other company has the remaining 15mb which access the internet through a zeroshell firewall. However the company with 5mb have been reporting only getting 1.4 meg on their connection – hence I suspect the 15mb company have been stealing their bandwidth.

    My question is – is there a simple way using zeroshell that I can limit the amount of bandwidth used to 15mb so that they dont steal the bandwidth of the other company



    I also would like to know the answer to this. I am evaluating Zeroshell for my home net with a slow ADSL (24/2) and would like traffic shaping to make my web experience smoother. I know this has been unanswered for many years now but I hope someone has an answer. 😉


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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