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    i’ve searched on this forum but i couldn’t find any info of how to limit bandwidth per ip
    is there something like freebsd’s dummynet dynamic rules?
    also in my country we have metropolitan speed, which is 100Mbps and external speed
    so any info of how to separate traffic would be much apreciated
    thank you


    i have the following bandwidth:
    up to 70mbps for upload to ip’s in my country
    up to 70mbps for download from ip’s in my country
    up to 30mbps with 3mbps guaranteed for upload to external ip’s
    up to 30mpbs with 3mbps guaranteed for download from external ip’s

    i want to give to my clients, per host up to 6mbps download externa and up to 3mbps upload external with up to 70mbps download to ip’s in my country and up to 70mbps upload to ip’s in my country

    do you think the following configuration will work?

    class manager:
    Class Description Priority DSCP Max Bandwidth Guaranteed On
    10DL x.x.x.10 download Medium 6Mbit/s 64Kbit/s
    10UL x.x.x.10 upload Medium 3Mbit/s 64Kbit/s
    11DL x.x.x.11 download Medium 6Mbit/s 64Kbit/s
    11UL x.x.x.11 upload Medium 3Mbit/s 64Kbit/s
    DEFAULT Default class for unclassified traffic Medium
    EXTERNDL extern download Medium 30Mbit/s 3Mbit/s
    EXTERNUL extern upload Medium 30Mbit/s 3Mbit/s
    METRODL metro download Medium 70Mbit/s 70Mbit/s
    METROUL metro upload Medium 70Mbit/s 70Mbit/s

    what classifier rules i have to add and in which sequence?
    (in this example i used ip ending in 10 and in 11)
    thank you


    well, i realized that i don’t need to set the bandwidth i get from my isp, i have to be careful not to overbook the guaranteed bandwidth (i mean client_1_guaranteed + client_2_guaranteed_+…=isp_provided_guaranteed)
    simple as that

    the problem now is how to add multiple cidr’s to a file, load it with a script and use it in the rules created with qos

    any suggestions?

    in freebsd i know how to do that, is like this:

    ipfw table 1 add x.x.x.x/24
    ipfw table 1 add y.y.y.y/24
    ipfw table 1 add z.z.z.z/25


    ipfw allow all from table(1) to any
    ipfw allow all from any to table(1)

    somebody suggested ipset but i haven’t seen any useful example

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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