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    I have a basic bridge setup using Beta13.
    Two NICS. One connected to my local area network ETH00. Second connected to a cable modem ETH01. I set up DynIP on the ETH01 NIC both before creating the bridge and then again after because of my problem. I am also running a DHCP server or the local area network giving out ips between When i first establish the bridge I get a 24.???.???.??? address. Which is correct.
    Ok now my problem. Sometimes for no apparent reason, I lose the internet connection on all PCs on the lan. When I look at the bridge it has lost its external IP (24.???.???.???) and has acquired a new address ( This also happens a lot of reboot. I have to remove the bridge. Setup the DynIP on Eth01 again and recreate the bridge. Once I do this all starts working again.
    Any ideas where I went wrong???


    Here is the step by step I used when first installing Zeroshell beta13:

    1) Eth00 Assign static IP address.
    2) Eth01 Set DynIP on interface. DHCP acquires 24.???.???.??? address.
    3) Create Bridge by adding Eth00 and Eth01 to bridge.
    4) Setup dhcp server on bridge using
    5) Turn NAT on for Eth00 interface.
    6) Setup QOS.


    1) Remove bridge
    2) NAT on ETH01


    Wow. I had that all wrong. Thanks for the help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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