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    Dear Sir:

    I have an Internet Cafe in Maine, USA and it seems your work here is just what we need for authentication.

    I have been working for 1 day and have managed to make a CD and connect to the web interface. To help me get started, I need to know the procedure to get the Captive Portal working. After that I might be more capable on my own

    I have turned on DHCP and the computer I am using to try to connect to it
    sees an IP within the range and sees as the gateway. That seems correct, doesn’t it.

    I have no connection currently to a dsl modem or any authentication system.

    I expect to see the authentication box when I try to navigate to a web address. Is that correct?

    I can provide you with screen shots if that would be helpful, and will certainly make a contribution to what seems to be a very nicely done program.

    Or, can you direct me to a step-by-step setup procedure?



    check this :

    the key is the “s” after “http”, cause is SSL ( secure socket layer ).

    best regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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