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    All I want is a document on how to configure ZeroShell to route between two networks. No VPN, no extra bells and whistles….

    This is what I want to do

    [My Cable modem ] —-> [My main computer]

    > ZeroShell Router

    > {Extra Computer}

    I want my {Extra computer} to be able to connect to my main computer and the internet through my cable modem.

    Its not real clear how to setup ZeroShell to allow my {Extra Computer} *ALL* access to the everything.

    If there a document somewhere I can read or a You-tube video that shows how to use the BASIC functions that would be great. I cant seem to get ZeroShell to do anything.


    Steven Wittwer

    You will need the following:

    {Cable Modem} <---> {Zero Shell Router Ethernet 1}

    Then you will also need:

    {Zero Shell Router Ethernet 2} <---> {Switch}

    Then connect all of your devices (PC’s) to the switch via ethernet cables.

    You will need to configure NAT to work on the Ethernet interface connected to your Cable modem. You will also need to configure that interface to get it’s IP address via DHCP (Most likely…it is possible that you have a static IP, but doubtful).

    On the interface that is connected to the switch, you will need to put a static IP. I would suggest the following:


    You will also need to configure DHCP for that network.

    You MAY need to configure a default gateway as well on the router, I don’t remember in this configuration if ZS will figure it out on it’s own or not. Either way, hopefully this will get you started. There are plenty of things on the internet to help out as well. Just know, that at a minimum, you will need DHCP, and NAT configured. You will also need a minimum of 2 ethernet interfaces on your ZS router.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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