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    Hi All,

    I’m hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. I’ve got some custom scripts on my zeroshell box and I need to do floating point calculations in one of the scripts. I can do this using “bc” on a standard linux distro, but zeroshell seems to lack this binary.

    I’m not really proficient with setting up a development environment to build it from source. Is there an easy way I can add this to my zeroshell device (it’s running on an Alix embedded system)? I’m wondering if I could grab a binary from a common distro, and if so, which one would provide the best compatibility with the zeroshell build?

    Any advise would be most gratefully appreciated!

    Kind regards,


    Maybe you could try to grab the binary from OpenWRT that runs on Alix. http://backfire.openwrt.org/10.03/x86/packages/
    Alix has a AMD Geode cpu which is x86 if I remember well.


    Hi ppalias,

    Many thanks for the suggestion! I never thought of trying that. Unfortunately I’ve installed the binary from openwrt and given it a go, and when trying to execute bc I get the error “bash: ./bc: No such file or directory”.

    After doing a bit of googling on this, it appears this is indeed related to some sort of library/build issue. 🙁 Back to square one!

    I’ve got access to a full linux system (Centos 5).. is there some way I could use this to build a compatible binary for zeroshell I wonder? I’m just not that clued up on trying to setup dev environments though.


    With a bit more trial and error, I found the binaries in the Fedora 10 packageworked fine.

    I think I found the issue though, with the OpenWRT binary.

    BC seems to be comprised of two binaries.. one called “bc” the other called “dc”. It would seem bc calls dc internally (probably the cause of the “No such file or directory” error seen earlier.

    With the OpenWRT package, bc and dc are packaged separately (I only installed bc). However the fedora package includes both binaries by default, which prompted me to copy both across. Then it worked fine!

    Thought I’d post the solution here, just in case anybody else needs this.


    If you need a program compiled that runs on zeroshell box you can hit me up. I did a custom (full read/write) hard-drive install of zero shell which is also running my own kernel and I even installed GCC 4.5.0. I have compiled/installed a ton of utilites and programs on my box (traceroute, sysstat, slocate, jfsutils, rtorrent, rsync and a bunch more).

    If you want me to compile something for you then you can PM me and I can put the binary on my box.


    That is incredibly kind of you houkouonchi!! I’ll PM you shortly!

    Kind regard,
    Graham (gcams)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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