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    Hello everybody 🙂 I´m new here. And thank you Fulvio for this amazing release.

    Here is what I want in pixels:

    I tried to realise Fulvio´s howto ->

    And now my questions:

      It is possible to realise this setup with two dynamic IP´s?
      I think on the VPN server side I need two dyndns domain names and zeroshell is not able to update two dyndns names.

      here is the the order how I install:

      – set up the ppp connections
      – set up the dyndns
      – put the two ppp interfaces to load balancing
      – set up the VPN tunnels
      – bond the tunnels, first on zerochannel 01 then on zerochannel 02
      – set up IP adresses for the bond interface for each side in the same subnet and
      – set static routes for my two networks and

      Do I need other static routes to connect the www or is this automatic done by the bonding? -> DEFAULT GATEWAY (LB) two times
      Do I have to enable NAT on ppp0 and ppp1?

    ZS doesn’t update 2 dyndns, this is a fact. A workaround I had implemented for this was to use 2 systems in my LAN to update the 2 dyndns accounts and with netbalancer rules I forced them use each one a different pppX interface.
    Now normally all your traffic to the internet will be using the pppX interfaces, since it has a default gateway acquired from your provider. If you want to use the BOND for that you will have to add it in the Netbalancer as a gateway (the remote IP address of the BOND).
    Yes, NAT should be enabled to pppX.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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