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    I am working on a small internet provider in brazil. Since the 256kbit dedicated link is very expensive i have also 3 ppp modem (pcmcia cell phone) connections with 144kbit each.
    The ppp connections are not very stable thats why i want to to bond them with the dedicated link for failover and to get one fast link.
    Since i am still more or less a newbe on networking i have for each
    ppp connection one linux server. I have also a dedicated Windows server with an 100mbit connection to the internet.
    Now i have downloaded the vmware version and installed on the windows server with the vm player. But i am not able to connect localy to the web interface on the default adress
    Do i have to change any configuration first ?
    Since it is an urgent requirement and my time is limited if someone could
    help me to setup this infrastructur perhaps i could even pay, depending on the charge.
    A lot of thanks for any help.


    I hate to be so elementary but are you trying to connect to Zeroshell at through a PC that is on the same subnet? The PC you’re running would have to manually be configured with an IP in the subnet in order to reach the Zeroshell box and allow you to login.


    Hi samconny! I’m from Argentina.
    I think you have 2 solutions. The easy one, as OnHel told you, you have to connect to Zeroshell from another computer in the same subnet.

    Here is the difficult one (I prefer this):
    In the vmware console, after booting Zeroshell, you have to choose “S” (for shell prompt).
    Then you have to type de following command:
    #ifconfig ETH00:00 down
    (here you disable ETH00:00)
    #ifconfig ETH00:00 netmask
    (Supposing your subnet is, you need to modify this information if your subnet is different)

    That’s all.

    Please tell us if you succedded.

    Thank you.


    Windows XP allows alternate/multiple IP configurations without having you to change your current IP and gateway settings. The important part of the setting is the gateway entries because Windows XP will determine the proper routes. You can check the effect with the command prompt “route print”.

    Take for example, you are in subnet and you are using static IP address with the default gateway (router LAN gateway IP address):

    If you are currently set on subnet and you are using static IP configuration, you can access subnet used by zeroshell in VMWARE by configuring your default LAN connection settings as below:

    In case of the above image is not available…Open your currently used Windows XP LAN connection properties (“Local Area Connection”). Open Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties from the list. Click the “Advanced” button to access the advanced settings. Don’t delete your current IP and default gateway entries. Enter another new IP address 192.168.0.x in the IP address list (x = any number you like so that you will be in but not 75 as it is used by zeroshell Key in another new gateway IP in the gateway list.

    You will be able to access the zeroshell website to reconfigure its network settings by using your preferred subnet. I prefer to create a new zeroshell database and use the new database with the new network subnet ( later on. So, I will not tamper the original zeroshell VMWARE database.

    Once you have done the reconfiguration, you can remove the subnet from your default Windows XP LAN connection settings and maintain the subnet.

    For those who are using dynamic IP configuration, you won’t be able to see any IP address and gateway IP entries. So, you will need to assign a static IP address and default gateway. By default, if you buy an internet router, the router is set with static LAN gateway IP address And your dynamic IP address will fall between the subnet. You can view your current dynamic IP address by keying in the command prompt “ipconfig /all” and check your “Local Area Connection” entry. Use your current dynamic IP and set it as static IP address with the default gateway as IP in your Windows XP LAN settings.


    i think his main concern was if you can bond three connections into one and have load balancing 🙂

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