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    this is the image in the flavio’s document to set up a bridge mode:

    and this is my scenario:

    how i create this bridge?


    The IPs you have used are ok.
    On Zeroshell main page select System-> Setup-> Network -> New Bridge.
    On Bridge Interface Configuration select the interfaces Eth00 and Eth01 to be added in the bridge. Then assign the IP address on the bridge.


    ok, i have configured BRIDGE00 with in the black screen of the virtual machine. then added ETH01 without an IP to the BRIDGE00 from GUI

    i have a strange problem, the statitistics show a continius outgoing traffic from eth00 and eth01 in the default class ยฟ why ?

    and the clients ( cannot open pages in internet explorer


    Display a picture of the Bridge configuration please!


    ok m8, give me some time i am in the work right now



    ok here it goes, the original config:

    Here i remove the ip

    i add the ip in the ETH00 interface

    adding ETH00 to the BRIDGE00

    here i see a error, but i can connect to the bridge ( without problem

    BRIDGE00 created with ip address, ETH01 HAS NO IP ADDRESS

    Then in the GUI interface, i add ETH01 WITHOUT IP ADDRESS to the BRIDGE00

    with “Main GATEWAY” configured in zeroshell ( the clients of the lan can use internet explorer, but tooooo much slowly! QoS don’t work too, also i have already the problem of statitistics show a continius outgoing traffic from eth00 and eth01 in the default class


    Procedure seems fine to me. I noticed you have an old version, beta4, while the current is beta11. Consider upgrading just in case…


    i have beta 11 mate, the “screen” are captured of the bridge flavio’s document, not my virtual machine

    my screen:

    statictics all the time incrementing… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ doing nothing


    Try to remove the Qos from both interfaces and apply it only on the egress interface ETH01 according to your diagram.


    the statistics and slow internet connection in the lan clients problem persist with already QoS deactivated in the two interfaces (ETH00 and ETH01) ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    the statictics problems is very very stange, the slow internet connection is for this continuosly traffic between ETH00 and ETH01, i’m sure

    I don’t have this problem in routed mode, but i need this bridged mode in the clients to mount squid with ip denies ๐Ÿ™„

    it must be the solution something basic or something complicated i think.

    the systems only goes crazy with the statistic and continuosly traffic when i create the bridge, not before


    please help me with this matter fulvio, i promise a donation to you if i can go ahead with this matter, i want to use this software in my future networks


    I’m curious about a few things.
    A) Are the LAN clients using the virtual machine as a gateway? If so that explains the slowness of the internet. Remember you’re using a desktop virtualization product so there will be performance issues regardless of the hosts capabilities. Also take into mind that the network devices are “virtual”, so if your host card is crappy the virtual NIC will have crappy perfromance.

    B) Do any of the interfaces have IP addresses? You will see statistics if any interface has a IP. TCP/IP is always doing ‘something’. ARP comes to mind.

    C) If you find Zeroshell not meeting your current needs look into items such as pfSense.


    the slowless internet of lan clients it’s for that continuous traffic between ETH00 and ETH01 of ZS (doing nothing), this absurd traffic makes the network slowly.

    if i configure ZS in routed mode i don’t have this slowless problem, using a virtual machine of gateway and the clients go really fast.

    I only have this problem if i use Bridge mode

    there’s be something wrong in the configuration or something… i’m going really got crazy if fulvio don’t help me

    Thanks anyway

    PD: i have searched QoS in all in the documentation about pfSense but i don’t have finded anything


    i think that i have forgot to say something important, let me show with a picture.

    This is the original scenario without ZS, a simple classic network:

    and this is the scenario wanted:

    all fine, lan clients can use internet, but all fine except the continuosly strange traffic between ETH00 and ETH01 in my Sun’s VirtualBox doing nothing. This causes a slowly internet access in the lan clients

    peharps this pictures will show the problem in my network

    thanks all


    Zeroshell seems to have IP from the web interface you have shown us a few posts above. On your drawings you mention that VM-ZS has IP
    My feeling for this unusually high traffic is that there is a layer 2 loop in your network, most likely caused by the VM-ZS. If you have a spare pc try this configuration with a ZS on that pc instead of VM.

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