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    If a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll keep the intro short…

    I have ZeroShell 2.0rc2 in Datacenter running on KVM with a single ethernet interface and 4 IP addresses, only one of which is assigned to the interface. I want the other 3 IPs to be available at a remote site. I would really prefer to deliver the public IPs direct to the remote router rather than NAT in the datacenter.

    Remote site has 2 ISPs, 1 Zeroshell and 1 Mikrotik Router virtualized on ESXi with 1 physical ethernet interface with VLANs out to the two modems. The Mikrotik is where I want the remaining datacenter public IPs to appear.

    The ZeroShell Load Balancer Failover Monitor, VPN and BOND appear to be working correctly, but BRIDGEing the BOND back to the single ethernet interface at the datacenter and with the private ethernet at the remote site does not permit the Mikrotik (with datacenter public IP assigned to the interface) to ping the datacenter gateway.

    I scoured the forums and while I found similar postings, resolutions/responses were few and far between. I did find one post that suggested promiscuous mode on the ESXi physical interface, but that did nor result in any improvement. Any assistance would be appreciated. If all options are exhausted, I will relegate myself to 1:1 NATing the public addresses at the datacenter, but would prefer not to do that.

    Max Parrott

    I’ve been looking at how to do this. 5 years later. Any luck? bump


    Sorry but its hard to understand what you try to do.
    2 locations ruuning ZS with only one Ethernet interface
    Between both you make an VPN and you want to bridge between the 2 boxes ?

    Could you make an simple drawing with IP info about this setup 😉

    I think you can make an VLAn between and bridge that but NOT the sane NET as the public IP the boxes have..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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