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    I’m trying to insert a Zeroshell box ( in between our LAN (192.168.100.X) and an IPCOP firewall ( for better QoS.

    I bring up the interfaces fine. ETH0 can ping the default gateway no problem.

    I bridge the 2 interfaces. ETH00 can still ping the firewall no prob.

    I remove the firewall from the lan and plug it into a switch which ETH01 is plugged into.

    I can no longer ping the firewall thru BRIDGE00, even from the ZSH box.

    I’ve got to be missing something simple.

    Do I have to force all traffic destined for thru the ETH01 port?



    If you go into the BRIDGE00 (containing eth0+eth1, right?) device on your ZA box, click on the “View” button under Setup | Network | BRIDGE00

    Here you should see all the MAC addresses the bridge is aware of (scroll down for the FORWARDING DATABASE). The first column (port) will have probably a 1 or 2 — this says that the bridge is aware of that MAC address through the physical bridge member 1 (your eth0) or bridge member 2 (your eth1).

    What you probably want to do is verify that you can see the MAC address of the IPCOP’s interface which has an IP address of You should see this on the bridge port 2 (assuming that’s the eth1 interface on your ZS box).

    If the bridge doesn’t see any MAC addresses on the eth1/1 port, then I’d start by directly connecting the IPCOP machine and ZS/eth1 with a cross-over cable. Get the bridge to be aware of L2 addresses before worrying about L3.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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