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    Could CoDel be implemented in the future, as a QoS mechanism for buffer control and automatically control shaping? As well as the cls_flow Flow Classifier to classify flows by src/dst, to accurately and more fairly shape traffic classes.

    Right now traffic is shaped by flows. Two ips in uses locally. One ip could have hundreds of flows/connections due to bittorrent, so the class will be divided by this hundred, causing way unfair shaping.

    The class should be shared amongst two people/ips for complete fairness. With shaping the way it is, the class is shaped as if there are hundreds of people/ips in use.

    With the cls_flow flow classifier, the class will see two dst ips, thus sharing the class and dividing it by two, complete fairness, for a download class. Or src for an upload class. Mikrotik has this implemented, they call it PCQ (Per Connection queuing). Basically the same thing (if it isn’t already) as cls_flow, you get to specify a class to have the queue based on src or dst, to fairly divide the class.

    Newer CoDel, will automatically drop packets to get latency down to a defined threshold. Taking care of all latency and bulk traffic, that cause issues with VoIP/etc. CeroWRT and IPFire have CoDel implemented now.

    Two great shaping mechanisms to combat against bandwidth hogs on a network. Seems like it should be tested at least. I can assist with this.


    IANASD (I am not a software Developer)…

    Does Mr. Fulvio have some sort of bug tracker and/or source tracking for those of us crazy enough to try to assist in the project?

    I see this under the license. I think ZeroShell is pretty nice.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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