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    Hello Fulvio. Once more great job you´re doing. 😀

    Please notice this few things needed to improve the system:

    1. How can I block two users to Login with the same username and password, Can´t I tie MAC + Username? (I mean the system should save the first MAC address logged in to the database to avoid any other user to log in with a different MAC)

    2. Many times all users are redirected to ZeroShell admin web site (administration), Why? how to avoid this?

    3. I´ve seen QoS setup in Beta3 but how can you shape the bandwithd from specific user or lot of users? (Group). I sell bandwitd and I cant shape it still…

    4. How can I modify or customize the Web Login Page?

    5. If there is no internet is there an option to redirect users no a non-working page? I´ve checked that if there is no internet ZeroShell doesnt work since anyname.com cant be resolved .. it works if you type
    directly the web site´s IP in the browser.. (doing the resolve manually)

    6. Is there a way to create users with valid dates from-to…? This means that you can authorize a user for a period of dates..From 01’01’07 to 15’01’07 ?

    7. I´ve tried to create another local domain and have the pull-down list (web portal) to log in users in another domain… it can be done but the users cant be created on this domain..

    8. How can I stablish a Walled garden (Free Websites or free services i.e. MSN, Skype) without the need to log in.. as I mentioned free services.

    9. In the Web Login should be the possibility to email the owner and ask for service (this is why I need to open some services and modify the captive portal)

    Thanks in advance, I think that you´re shapping an excellent product,


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