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    Before explaining my problem I realise this mightn’t be the best place on the internet to post it, so if anyone knows of any other forums out there on the internet which might be more useful to me please let me know.

    I’m in a group that is tasked with creating an embedded device, which will basically be connected to a couple of sensors. The information from these sensors must somehow be relayed back to some staff member of this place (preferrably to their PDA). The device will usually be in a given place, but often move within a series of buildings spread of a kilometre or so. Desirably it should also be able to send an alert if it is removed from this area.

    While our group consists of people with various knowledge of electronics and software none of us have had any experience of embedded systems other than programming a simple 8-bit microcontroller in C.

    What I’d like to know is what kind of embedded system we would probably be looking at, where we can go for more information, I’m assuming that due to the fact these devices must somehow be networked that having an OS of some description is pretty much a given, but what type of OS I have no idea. And also how we might go about networking them. There is a wireless network at the site.

    Any help at all, even if just to point me in the direction of somewhere more appropriate, would be much appreciated.

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