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    hello, at work ppl installed a new zeroshell server, just to use the cautive portal feature.
    We have 2 servers, the proxy ( and the zeroshell (
    the zeroshell server, its only used on the upper floor, so, they make 2 network segments.
    The proxy server, have 3 network cards; lower floor LAN, connected to the zeroshell server, and the public ip one, to inet conection.
    The zeroshell server have 2 netcard, connected to the proxy server, serving as Cautive portal on the upper floor.

    When they first installed all of this, was working perfectly, but a week ago, the upper floor began to have some inet issues; for example, i got server outtime when i tried to log on hotmail or gmail, and the network connection icon on my win7 appears as i have no inet, but i can access to pages like google, wikipedia and others…

    Can anybody help me with this? since the guy who installed the Zeroshell server, is no longer available to help… plz, before my boss kill me lol


    Is there anything interesting on the logs? Since Zs is in beta, a reboot of the box might help a little bit in case nothing has changed and you face problems.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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