can I aggregate multiple 3g/4g usb cards into one big pipe?

Forums Network Management ZeroShell can I aggregate multiple 3g/4g usb cards into one big pipe?

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    Could someone please explain in detail how the bonding of several vpn connections works.
    I assume that you have to have several internet connections, and a vpn tunnel created over each, then bond the vpn connections. What I don’t understand is what happens at the other end. if I had 4 3g/4g usb modems (verizon/att/tmobile/sprint), 4 vpn connections and bond the 4 vpn’s into 1 pipe, at the other end we have a server on the internet with a 100Mb/s connection, also running Zeroshell. how do I get that machine to bond the 4 incomming tunnels and reassemble the packets and forward on the packets ??

    This is all assuming that the bonding works by creating one big fat pipe, so increasing both the upload and the download, and we could have a public block of IP’s at our end after the vpn connections/bond.

    I’m trying to use multiple cellular cards to upload video remotely using the one big pipe and not load balanced.


    You need to create a server VPN connection for each line coming in at the 100mb/s site.

    At the client side you create your client VPN connections.

    Then you need to bond all your VPN connections at both sites to utilize the feature of bandwidth aggregation.

    I’m working on this as we speak and because I’m not really that knowledgeable in the networking side I can’t help you out a lot.

    I’ve set it up myself but quite a few hurdles on the way to get it to work properly.

    This blog entry is quite useful:

    It should direct you in the right direction.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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