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    I need to configure zeroshell to work with an existing LAN network.
    the existing LAN is a university network that have it’s DHCP server

    pfsense server is now connected to this network on the WAN port (WAN adress 134.214.116.x/22)
    the LAN side have DHCP and captive portal enabled (DHCP range 192.168.10.x/24) and is connected to an access point (WRT54G) to serve only wirless clients.
    to extend the range of my wirless network, I am using many WRT54G connected by WDS.
    Everything work great, I don’t have any problem with this configuration
    But over WDS my transfer rates are around 4Mbps.
    Now I would like to modify my configuration and find a way to connect my access point by LAN to have higher transfer rates (on wan side I have ~45 Mbps)

    The idea is to use the existing university network (physical network) to connect my APs to zeroshell without changing any settings on the existing university LAN. So only wireless clients gets their DHCP leases from pfsense and other PC connected to the existing LAN get their leases from the univsersity DHCP server. i.e. in other words, i need a way to access to the zeroshell LAN side (dhcp and captive portal) from the its WAN side
    In this case, and if it is possible, I will be able to connect my APs anywhere on the existing university network.
    My access points are VLANs, openVPN and EoIP compatible, but university switches are not all VLAN compatible
    Thank you for your suggestions !


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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