Can I LAN to LAN VPN with only one NIC?

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    If I have two ZS boxes A and B on separate networks on the internet, both have a single connection to the internet.

    ZS-A has two NIC’s connected to a single switch, the switch gets an internet connection from a router with IP (set as Default GW for ZS-A). ZS-A ETH00 connects to the internet connection with IP (behind NAT) ETH01 has IP and will be used for client devices.

    ZS-B has only one NIC with a public IP address ETH00 and Default GW

    I want ZS-A to connect to the internet through ZS-B using the the public IP of ZS-B. Can I do this by setting up a LAN to LAN VPN if ZS-B has only one NIC? If I understand the LAN to LAN VPN correctly I will need to have a second NIC on ZS-B eg:

    (if ZS-B has second NIC) ZS-B ETH01
    ZS-B LAN to LAN VPN Server IP
    ZS-A LAN to LAN VPN Client IP

    If ZS-B had a second NIC I would route to ZS-A with a static route like – Destination via GW and the reverse on ZS-A like- Destination via GW

    But if I can’t install a second NIC on ZS-B how can I accomplish this?
    Should I not use VPN to accomplish this?

    ZS-A (In Office behind NAT)
    VPN00 Client

    ZS-B (In Data Centre. Only one NIC)
    ETH00 Public IP
    VPN00 Server




    OK so now I understand. Disregard my post above (what a mess). I was confused about how to set the internet gateway and was thinking I had to do this manually (trying all sorts of crazy things) but then realized that NetBalancer does this by applying individual rules. I was way off!

    From what I now understand about Linux IPtables or netfilter is that by creating individual rules in NetBalancer it must be creating PREROUTING and POSTROUTING rules in the NAT table forcing all traffic from one interface (LAN NIC) down another (VPN interface).

    Correct me if I’m wrong here…..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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