Can zeroshell give inet to users with auth by AD?

Forums Network Management RADIUS 802.1x and Captive Portal Can zeroshell give inet to users with auth by AD?

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    As far as I understand from reading the documentation and forum – yes it can.
    How to do it?
    my domain: pvk.local, domain controller is pk.pvk.local (, which is also DNS and KDC.

    What I do: I create a new profile in zeroshell: in the field “Hostname” – “zeroshell.pvk.local”, in the field “Kerberos 5 Realm“: “PVK.LOCAL”, field “LDAP Base” – “dc = pvk , dc = local “, other – as I need in my network .. then restart with the activation of a new profile.

    Now go to the Kerberos 5 -> Realms. That I must add here? in the list of “Key Distribution Center List” already have a string “PVK.LOCAL (KDC: Local)”, so I “Use the DNS to discovery Realms and KDC servers not configured” put in the position of “Yes”.
    now CAPTIVE PORTAL -> Authentication -> Authorized Domains I see a line pvk.local Radius (pap) I click “+” and select where to Domain Name: “pk.pvk.local” type “External Kerberos 5 Realm” -> Save, then the “D“.
    CAPTIVE PORTAL -> Gateway -> GW Active on: ETH00. (Activate checkbox).

    Now entering only by password. but accepts only the user password admin.
    what I’m doing right and what is wrong?
    How to make user authentication by AD? should I configure/register (add) something to AD?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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