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    What I have is two office phone systems (2 locations) and 5 IP phones.

    The two office systems communicate with each other over IP and so do the 5 IP phones. We have a T1 at each office. The 5 IP phones are at branch offices that have DSL.

    We are currently using SonicWall routers. We are experiencing voice quality issues.

    I have enabled QoS on the SonicWall routers as well as outgoing bandwdith management to limit the amount of bandwidth consumed by non-voice traffic. This made an improvement in voice quality although we are still not where we want to be.

    I have an IP phone and I can always hear people just fine. This would mean that outgoing traffic from our main office to me works great and that the outgoing bandwidth limiting of non-voice traffic is doing its job.

    The problem is that people are unable to hear my voice going back to that location. I have a theory on this which is that people at that location are consuming the incoming bandwidth and there isn’t enough leftover for the incoming voice traffic.

    Is this something that Zeroshell would be able to help?

    The question is – how do you limit incoming bandwidth? The SonicWall does have a feature to do this, but it makes the problem worse rather than better. I don’t really see how you can throttle what is sent to you because once you have it, it has already been received.

    I guess there must be some sort of technique for throttling outgoing
    requests that can throttle the incoming packets for that type of traffic.




    Captive Portal to abutment the web login on wireless and alive networks. Zeroshell acts as aperture for the networks on which the Captive Portal is alive and on which the IP addresses (usually acceptance to clandestine subnets) are dynamically assigned by the DHCP. A applicant that accesses this clandestine arrangement have to accredit itself through a web browser application Kerberos 5 username and countersign afore the Zeroshell’s firewall allows it to admission the accessible LAN. The Captive Portal gateways are generally acclimated to accommodate accurate Internet admission in the HotSpots in another to the 802.1X affidavit agreement too complicated to configure for the users. Zeroshell accouterments the functionality of Captive Portal in built-in way, after application added specific software as NoCat or Chillispot;

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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