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    Hi to all.

    I am unable to ssh into my zeroshell router using the user: admin and the kerberos 5 password from a workstation on the local network.

    I have reset the admin kerberos 5 password using the edit function. The ‘submit’ button does not result in any error messages.

    I have not altered any of the default settings for the variables presented in the kerberos 5 admin edit screen except for the password and password confirmation text boxes.

    Just to be certain, I also tried the password for the user ‘admin.’

    Regardless of which password I enter, I get the same response: access denied.

    I have set the SSH feature to ‘enabled’ and allowed log ins from the local private network.

    If I allow SSH log ins from all addresses, the result is the same, from both the LAN and WAN side of the router.

    Does anyone have any ideas for next steps.

    Thank you.


    Is it version beta13?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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