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    Using a blank default profile I can’t seem to access the web interface on a connected machine going through a switch. It doesn’t get assigned an IP address which I assume is because DHCP isn’t enabled on ETH0 by default?

    The layout is:
    [computer] <-> [switch] <-> [zeroshell-computer]

    I’ve also tried a direct connect but I don’t believe it has a chance of working without crossover cable so I have to go through a switch regardless. I had gotten this to work before and I can’t remember how.

    Also enabling fail-safe mode also doesn’t allow a connection to the web interface or router, the problem seems to be the same where the client computer isn’t assigned an IP for the connected interface.


    If you have console access to the ZS device you can either configure it on its default IPv4 address of, or you can enable DHCP on ETH00 using the IP Manager, available from the ZS console.

    Just going through a switch shouldn’t stop you from visiting the default address, though you would need to configure a PC with an address in to access it at first.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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