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    Hi, i want to set up a captive portal with a network based on:
    – a modem/routeur
    – a host with virtualbox and zero shell on it
    – the host have 2 network card, one Ethernet and the other is an wireless card
    – wifi access point

    i try to connect my ethernet card (ETH0) with the modem and the wireless card (ETH1) with the access point. thus people could be authentificatited throw the wifi network

    In the configuration, i connect my interface ETHO with the modem, and i create a PPPoE connection with the interface ETH0. but in the modem. the modem trying to connect but can not. in the log it shows connection failed. virtualbox don’t set up my modem?or how?

    In place of a modem i have also a modem/routeur/wifi, which works sharing internet can i use it with the zero shell for set up the captive portal?how?

    I just need a captive portal. Which solution will be must easy and how to do it?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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