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    ZeroShell release 1.0 beta 14

    I have two subnets running on this Ethernet, both connecting
    to a router that I do not have control of. and
    I have assigned the bridge interface an address of
    and all the clients on the inside(eth0) with subnet addresses
    bump into the captive portal and authenticate perfectly.
    When a client starts up a browser, it goes right through the
    captive portal without authentication. I assigned another IP to the bridge
    of, same thing happens.
    Does anyone know of a way to deal with this?

    thanks for the great software and any help..



    Are you sure that all the clients have as default gateway the IP addresses of the bridge? of course the default gateway for the subnet has to be and the one for has to be

    In any case the next release of Zeroshell has support for multiple interfaces for the captive portal. So you do not need to create a bridge.



    Thanks for the speedy reply!
    Let me try make it a bit more clear what I’m trying to do.
    My building has two subnets and
    They are connected to a cisco router (out of my control) and
    The ZeroShell box sits between the cisco router and my network. The campus
    runs the DHCP/DNS servers (out of my control). DHCP assigns IP addresses,
    default gateway and DNS values. The defaults gateways are
    When the bridge device on the ZS box has an address of, all
    systems assigned an address of 10.74.11.x work as expected. Perfect…
    When a system with a subnet address of 10.74.53.x connects to the network,
    they just pass through the captive portal.

    Thanks again for all the help!


    So you are using the captive portal in bridge mode. It is correct that you assign the 2 IP addresses to the bridge. That is a necessary condition to make iptables capturing rule to work. But I never tested the captive portal in bridge mode in the situation where there are two IP subnets on the same bridge. Let me do some tests.



    bridge mode… corecto mundo!
    Molte grazie, ci proverò che cosa suggerire.



    I’ve tried assigning an IP address to the bridge interface for both
    subnets. It seems the first one entered is the address used for setting
    up and or running the ZS captive portal web server on.
    I’m assuming here that when a client in the subnet tries
    to open a web page, say, the packets get forwarded through
    the ZS box to the default gateway that the client has ( Therefore, no
    re-direction/mangle can occur. Even if it could, the cisco router would have
    to route the packets back onto the subnet so perhaps they
    would be coming in from the wrong direction for it to work.

    If the next version supports captive portal on multiple interfaces, will
    this work in bridged mode?
    Is there any way I could even get this working with two ZS boxes in
    bridge mode, each assigned a unique subnet address? I’m thinking not

    Thanks again, and regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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